rosa de la cruz london was founded on the belief that jewellery should be made with attention to design, quality, material and craftsmanship. it should bring joy to the wearer. rosa de la cruz london designs are timeless and relevant today as well as in the future. the collection is designed to appeal across generations and loved as a product of worth and beauty to be collected and passed on. the pieces are worn to reflect the wearer’s personal style layered or singularly. it is a personal collection where all pieces can be worn together, evolving and creating a new look with each addition and a renewed enthusiasm for the collector. the collection’s pieces share a design thread inspired on vintage jewellery and contemporary and modern art and are instantly recognisable. they are simple and minimalist and evoke conversation and happy vibes.

born in madrid, rosa de la cruz started her career as an attorney at the guggenheim museum in new york after having graduated from wharton business school, university of pennsylvania and columbia law school. having studied art and architecture courses, rosa later worked on several design projects, including fashion, illustration and interior design. in 2000 she started to design jewellery and then went into partnership with tierney horne and launched rosa de la cruz london.

rosa is daughter of cuban art collectors rosa and carlos de la cruz, founders of contemporary art museum the de la cruz collection in miami.

born in new york, tierney horne started her career at ralph lauren womenswear before working at vogue in the us and then helping to launch j.crew as creative director. she later became the fashion director at elle and mademoiselle in the us and harper’s & queen in the uk. tierney also worked on developing projects in the uk for luxury brands connolly, joseph and netjets.


our commitment to sustainability

our commitment to sustainability is anchored in environmental and ethical practices that seek to mitigate impact on the planet and contribute positively to its future. we are committed to responsible sourcing and a supply chain that respects fair labour and human rights as well as adherence to international standards such as the kimberley process which ensure conflict free diamonds and raw materials that are not harmful to local ecosystems or communities. we work towards minimal waste in everything we do through reusable solutions and no unnecessary secondary packaging. we produce beautifully crafted timeless designs in small quantities, reducing leftover waste. beyond integrating responsible and ethical practices throughout our business, we endeavour to advance positive changes through transparency, integrity, diversity and philanthropy. our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing long term process with an aim for continuous development and improvement.